Runner's Digest  
  Sperry Rademaker

By Larry Bugg

  Children and Running

By Colon D. Joiner

  Going the Distance...

By Chris Moling

  Take your running to the next level

By Laurie Parton Corbin

  The Long Run Key to Your Performance

By Greg McMillan
From Peak Running Performance

  Speedwork: The bottom line is, you have to run fast to run fast

By Peter Gambaccini

  Miracle Cure for Your Joints?

By Stacy Sims, M.S.
From Peak Running Performance

  Down for the Mile

By Bob Schwartz
From On the run

  Sole Searching: How to find the running shoe that's right for you.

By Don Allison
From Run The Planet

  Here's the lowdown on four well-known supplements

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D.
From Runner's World

  Are You Overdosing on Exercise?

By Armand Tecco, M.Ed.

  Inactivity: The Real Silent Killer

By Karl Hempel, M.D.
From The Health Gazette